These journeys are often long ones, you might as well make use of the time.

The morning, afternoon or evening commute, which ever it you sit or stand wishing the time away - to be back in bed, watching TV or that you’d be at your destination already. 

Time spent on public transport is something you’ll never get back and too many people waste it.
Here are 5 ways you can make your daily commute a productive one.
1. Read
There is no better time killer than reading. Use the time to become immersed in a love story or read one of those books we’re supposed to read before we die.
2. Do Assignments
you’d be killing two birds with one stone here. There is no worse feeling than leaving college, embarking on the commute home then having to open the laptop again. Utilise the time spent on the bus or trains in both the morning and afternoon. We guarantee you’ll have the assignment done quite quick.
3. Play Games
We suggest the brain training games - especially in the morning. It’s the best way to get your head into gear. There are many free downloads of games like such on the App Store and the Play Store. 
4. Clean up your social media feeds
Have you ever scrolled through your Instagram and Twitter feeds and realised you’ve been way too kind with regard to how many people you follow? Well we certainly have. All it takes is a few quick unfollows and your accounts are all clean.
5. Read over lecture notes
Again, it’s time you’ll never get but at least it’s productive.