Who doesn’t love the notion of a Bulmers al fresco.

As the summer days of the sun splitting the trees is coming to an end. It’s time to think about September and how you can make the most of the remaining days of the summer.

For us one thing comes to mind - it’s beer garden time.

One thing the weather will guarantee, is that the temperature will be just right.

In comparison to pubs around the world nobody does it better than Dublin. They’re cosy, warm, filled with a craic-ing atmosphere and toe tapping ceol.
In Ireland, it’s a rare occasion to see to sunshine, but when the better weather arrives one’s heart longs for nothing more than sitting outside. 
Who doesn’t love the notion of a Bulmers al fresco.
‘The Beer Garden’ can be anything from sitting by the canal with a flaggin (or if you deem to be classier) to a roofless room where a congregation of smokers convene. 
With the summer coming to a halt and the college year on the horizon, it’s prudent to make a list (in no particular order) of the ten best beer gardens in Dublin to help you make the most of your days and nights out before the new term commences. 
These are, of course, only our opinions.
The Living Room
One of the best and biggest sports bars in the city centre. The beer garden in The Living Room is bigger than its building. With big screens, a big garden and an outdoor bar on game day this bar easily russell's up a better atmosphere than most stadiums.   
Bad Bobs
In Bad Bobs the roof terrace is right in the heart of Temple Bar. One of few where you can sit out and soak up that vitamin D. Not to mention they make many mean cocktails which will definitely keep you hydrated while you’ve your suncream on.
Sophie’s at The Dean
Located on Harcourt Street a few doors down from Coppers if the late night turns into an early morning. The Dean’s rooftop bar (Sophie's) offers a 360 degree Dublin laid out before you with an ever changing landscape from dawn until dawn, where the weather is the wallpaper. Blazing sun, howling gales, she’s just beautiful. And fun. And friendly. And not to mention tasty.
The Pav (Pavilion)
The Pav, based right in the middle of the ever so swanky Trinity College, is the biggest beer garden of them all. Rain, hail or snow there is nowhere else in Dublin that can compare where such a large scale of socialising is such a regular occurrence. A fun place to watch cricket, football and rugby being played, which rumour has it, is what the grass patch is actually supposedly for. 
The Odeon
The Odeon offers two glam areas for sun lovers to enjoy a pint and the weather. At the side of the building is a new and very roomy area with everything a beer garden needs. Rumour has it their BBQ area is returning soon and they also offer at the front of the building a strip of tables where you can enjoy some grub, booze and people watch at the same time.
The Barge
The Barge - well it’s in the name really sits overlooking the lock gates at Charlemont Bridge. Famous on a summer’s day and notorious for being packed with punters. Customers have a tendency to expand its beer garden to either side of the canal. This spot is a place of peace and beauty on a fine summer evening.
House located on Leeson Street occupies two Georgian Townhouses, between The Grand Canal and St Stephen’s Green. Daily one can expect a feeling of relaxed glamour, luxury and ease throughout in a relaxed atmosphere. A wide selection of international wine and great food. Oh and on Thursday in their astro turfed beer gardens you’re treated to live jazz.
The Bernard Shaw
Richmond Street has never seen something so cool. Seriously nothing compares to a beer garden that has its own double decker bus that sells pizza. Along with that it’s garden boasts other fun features. Music events, tiered seating a pool table and graffiti on the walls. A wide selection of craft beer and cocktail deals for example 2 mojitos for €10. They’ve also been known to make up a jug of pimms too for those who won’t make Spain this summer.
The Church 
This place is a God send. Literally. From its outstanding architecture and sculpting inside. This old Church - It’s a beaut from its menu (pick the nachos) to its Gallery. Right at the top of Henry Street it’s beer garden circles the whole building and on a sunny day with reasonable prices there’s no better place to be. 
DTwo has the mother of all beer gardens whether it’s day or night. Its sizeable garden gives it a cracking atmosphere, with the green and red lighting give the place a tropical feel.