College Life Editor Laura Smith gives us some of the best things about living on campus accommodation - and some of the pitfalls.
I was lucky enough to get living on campus for the first two years of my college degree so I wasn’t too badly off. (Thanks to DCU for putting up with my constant deliveries of Miss Guided and Pretty Little Thing packages- Sure what else could I have worn to Coppers on a Tuesday?) Here are some of the good and bad parts about what living on campus is really like.

The Best Part:


1. The craic is mighty.

During Fresher’s Week, and even throughout the whole year, the craic was great on campus. You could be trying to find your key (on the DCU campus it was your student card to gain entry) and someone would open the door and the next thing you start chatting about all things college. There was always a party to be thrown and songs to be sung. People were always coming and going it was such a busy and good atmosphere place. I would do anything to have the craic on campus again. Everyone is just so easy going.

2. The safety.

Security was always on the rounds on campus - which for my mother eased her a bit from worrying herself about me when I arrived on dark Sunday Winter nights. It was always safe and you knew nothing would go badly wrong because security was always about, and, if you ever were in trouble with losing your key security was always there to lend a hand. The security was always there to address issues 24/7 which I found for a first year to be a great help.


3. Forever making new friends.

When living on campus you’re forever bumping into new people and making greater connections. You could be at prinks or in the hallway and constantly meeting new people wherever you are. It’s great when you first meet someone and they ask where you’re from and next thing you know your neighbour is their uncle. I love when moments like that happen.

4. Access to all areas.

Not quite literally but, you were only a walk away from the gym, shop, chemist and library so I never had to rush to run to the shop before it closed. I could always return books whenever I liked (not that I still got fined loads anyways.) When people knew you lived on campus people were always popping in for tea- It was typically like being back at home in a sense.

The Pitfalls:


1. The noise.

For me, I can always smell a party and beat, but sometimes when you have hundreds of recommended reading to do and assignments fast approaching, the noise is something that becomes an issue so a trip to the library helped here and there. My room for first year was based on the ground floor so you did have people knocking at your door and banging on it at night (grand when I wasn’t in the room but sometimes when you’re up for a 9 am start it’s not the best to get interrupted at three in the morning).

2. The common room was always shut.

Where I lived in the first year on the DCU campus there wasn’t a big enough area to have people over before a night out so the option was there of the common room where chairs and sofas were already supplied. It was a great idea and it felt being back home in your sitting room, but sometimes people would leave it in such a mess that security was always closing it down for weeks on end.
As you can see, the benefits do outweigh the negatives, and I wouldn't have changed my experience at all. My days on campus were some of the best days ever during college and really helped me settle in quicker.