The typical fresher always has a great sense of optimism and determination starting college - but that can quickly wear off as time goes on

College is a new chapter in a young person’s life, and it is a very exciting time as they gain more freedom and make new friends.

However, with great freedom comes great responsibility. No longer is Mammy around to clean up after you and make you lovely dinners.

In secondary school the teachers will always make sure you put in the work, but in college, it is up to you.

The fresh-faced college student quickly realises this and there is always a determination at the start to put in the work, be active, become more independent and prove that you are a mature adult. Does this happen? Most of the time no, it doesn't, despite a good start.

There are always plenty of excuses for missing lectures and leaving assignments to the last minute.

If you have a 9am lecture you might "forget" to set the alarm.

If have a lecture at 2pm and find yourself with friends, biting into a nice hearty Italian foot-long from Subway while slurping on a fizzy orange, sometimes the effort of going back to college seems too much especially when you have to catch up on Breaking Bad.

And what takes up Tuesday and Wednesday evenings? Champions League Football!

If you have a lecture on a Thursday evening, well, you can't miss out on the prinking now, can you?

Friday mornings? Pffft! Mr Hangover will stop you from making it in.

Have an assignment due for the next day that you've been given three weeks to do? Starting it at 4am is a great idea!

Study time? That's what reading week is for! 

A student living without their parents has more responsibility to cook and clean.

Sure you may cook some nice dinners once in a while, but inevitably pizzas and takeaways will dominate your food intake. So it's important to keep active by going to the gym as often as you can, this enthusiasm for the gym tends not to last as long as hoped.

On clubs and societies day you may sign up 600 different things, but realistically you’ll probably only go to one or two of these societies if any at all.

You may try to keep your accommodation clean every day, but inevitably it will come down to one big clean up every two weeks mostly consisting of picking up the several hundred empty beer cans.

So remember

I think I have pretty much summed up college life for lots of people.

College is a great experience and the best time of your life so make the most of it!

On a more serious note it is important to balance course work with your social life and it's very easy if you are clever about it.

I hope this article won't be a bad influence on some people (*wink-wink, nudge-nudge).

Thank you for reading. As I am writing this article very late: bonne nuit! (I hope I make it in tomorrow now…)